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About Us

Our Story

Tamu-Tamu is a website with a database of most restaurants based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in Kenya and soon in the Central and West Africa regions.

Two visionary entrepreneurs, a Kenyan and Congolese, founded it.

They also co own a communication agency in both D.R.Congo and Kenya.

The vision that the two had in the culinary field, was to create a website that will allow people to have a much more detailed information, for locals and foreigners, about where to eat and what kind of food and services that are offered.

The name came after one of them was enjoying a good meal and say “this food is hmmm bon” then the other said “hmmm bon-bon” in French which means “hmmm Tamu Tamu” in Swahili. They decided to have it as a trademark name, since both speak Swahili but from two different countries.

The guiding values and principles for Tamu-Tamu are “Know what you eat, where to eat, how much is it and how to get it”. Customers are going a wide range of unknown restaurants in the place.

Our Mission

Our main Mission is to provide a unique and effective way for restaurants to communicate with the target consumers regarding their location, special offers, and generate feedback that will help improve their businesses.